9 months and Cold!

3 04 2014

Harper has a cold and it’s cold outside. Not a great way to celebrate your 9 month birthday. To make this dreary day feel a little more like spring, I brought Harper out to the front porch for her pictures.  She didn’t sit long, but crawled right over to the door and pulled herself up, and you can see that she pretty much feels like all the rest of us do… “Cold, cold, go away, so I can get outside and play!”IMG_2151 IMG_2158 IMG_2160

8 months and On the Move!

3 03 2014

This month’s photo shoot was not so successful, by my standards anyway. Harper would beg to differ. (Her main goal, I think, was to get that sticker off and into her mouth, which she did succeed at several times). Out of dozens of pictures I did manage to get one where she was looking at the camera and smiling. All the rest were either blurry or you couldn’t see her face and/or sticker on her shirt because she was bouncing or reaching for something or pulling herself up or crawling away. “Life is just starting to getting interesting, Mom!”
IMG_2063 IMG_2100 IMG_2085 IMG_2097 IMG_2084

Half a year and then some….

3 02 2014

Harper is 7 months old today, but thinks she’s much older. This girl does not have much time for things like photo shoots! She was on the move so I had to snap pictures pretty quickly. She was bouncing and babbling and waving and even trying to pull herself up, but I got a few good shots of her for you to enjoy. Maybe her 8 month pictures will be of her sleeping!IMG_1966 IMG_1968 IMG_1957 IMG_1965 IMG_1977

Hi, Harper!

30 01 2014

I was previously under the impression that the baby of the family reaches all her milestones late because the older siblings do everything for her. And that would be fine with me because I want to keep my baby a baby. But my oldest three have decided that it is more fun to teach Harper new things than it is to do things for her. They keep repeating words over and over, they hold things above her head to get her to sit up on her own, they take toys away and move them across the floor just to make her crawl toward it… And now the latest is that they have taught her to wave when she hears “Hi or Bye” and I will admit that Doug and I ended up jumping on the bandwagon because it is pretty cute. So on to the next new thing…at this rate she’ll be doing back flips and singing the “Star Spangled Banner” at her first birthday party!

Change of Plans

9 01 2014

We were planning on spending New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis, but instead we spend that day and several surrounding it laid up at home with a nasty stomach bug. I am now carrying several bottles of hand sanitizer with me everywhere I go and adopting Howie Mandel’s practice of fist-bumping instead of hand shaking! However, we did get one night away on the very last night of the kids’ Christmas vacation from school. A hotel in Des Moines with a pool did the trick for our once disappointed kids. They forgot about our miserable few days and forgot about (though temporarily)the freezing cold weather outside. Next year we are going somewhere warm and with hazmat suits on to protect from any viruses!IMG_1885 IMG_1888 IMG_1892 IMG_1887 IMG_1893

What?! I’m a half of a year old already?!

3 01 2014

IMG_1842 IMG_1845 IMG_1855

Harper is 5 months old

3 12 2013

I keep saying that it feels like Harper was just born. And I am trying hard to keep my baby a baby! She wants to keep up with her big siblings, though. I don’t know how many times I’ve said in the last few days to the kids, “She can’t do that yet.” and they’ll say, “Yes, she can, watch!” Her latest is imitating Luke. He will make a screaming/squeal type noise (not my choice of the first thing I want her to imitate!!) and Harper will do it back each time. I think she not only likes to imitate her brother, but she likes that we all laugh every time she does it. And that keep Luke going too, of course! Not much quiet time in our household!IMG_1746 IMG_1748 IMG_1763


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