Summer Vacation- 2014

15 07 2014

Last week our family was able to get away- and though we didn’t travel far, we had a great time of fun and refreshing. We spent the first half of our week in Okoboji with Kellie and Dustin and their kids. We swam in the lake, we talked, we shopped, we talked, we ate, we talked, we played games, and we talked some more. I remember my mom asking Kellie and me years ago if we had run out of things to talk about yet. And it still hasn’t happened!!

Then our family took off from there to spend the second half of the week in Sioux Falls where we enjoyed Falls park, swimming at the hotel water park and jumping at a Sky Zone. We didn’t want our fun to end, but as soon as we arrived back home, my sister and her family had arrived from Washington State for the week. So the fun continues…!photo-37photo-35 photo-34


Arnold’s Perk Coffee Shop, formally known as Funky Java-Doug and my first coffee shop experience the summer we met!


The BFFs


SkyZone socks. Ready to jump!


Falls Park

photo-41 photo-42 photo-44 photo-47 photo-48

Happy Birthday, Harper!

3 07 2014

IMG_2306 IMG_2308 IMG_2310 IMG_2314

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up!

3 06 2014

Harper is 11 months today and at first it seemed I wasn’t going to get one of her famous smiles out of her. It was like she was saying she wasn’t too happy about getting older. Me neither, Harper! I want to keep you a baby. Of course, once I got Luke behind me doing his famous comedic moves, Harper couldn’t resist! She also couldn’t resist taking a few steps today, so I guess no matter what I do, I can’t slow her down!IMG_2264 IMG_2273

An Owlsome Birthday with a Little Horsin’ Around!

31 05 2014

Lily celebrated her 10th birthday today. How has 10 years flown by so quickly? I won’t ever forget the day she was born because we had prayed for several months for her after finding out she had a cyst on her brain. Then when, a week early, she decided to be born, she came out as quiet as a little mouse. Everything was fine, but she was just content to take it all in! Though she still isn’t one to clamor for the spotlight, she spent her birthday week rehearsing and then performing at her tumbling recital. Instead of a party, she chose to decorate her new basement room (in owls!) and also had one friend overnight. We all got to enjoy her birthday cookies from the bakery that were made in the shape of her two favorite animals. We love you, Lily Grace! IMG_2244 IMG_2242

Another year flew by

23 05 2014

Last day of school! Though it had its challenges (4 kids in the mix now, a broken arm, a fair share of sicknesses, getting the kids to 3 different schools on time each day, Luke’s carsickness & many times of cleaning up the backseat-yes, it did take us several times to learn our lesson and bring a sack), it was a really great year. It did fly by though. The duck in our front yard this morning was illustrating that point for us! Happy Last Day of School Emie, Lily and Luke! And Happy Last Day of Peace, Mom!IMG_2241 IMG_2239

The Countdown Begins-Almost One!

3 05 2014

IMG_2206Two months to go, but Harper is ready! IMG_2204


And here’s the guy that made those smiles happen!

9 months and Cold!

3 04 2014

Harper has a cold and it’s cold outside. Not a great way to celebrate your 9 month birthday. To make this dreary day feel a little more like spring, I brought Harper out to the front porch for her pictures.  She didn’t sit long, but crawled right over to the door and pulled herself up, and you can see that she pretty much feels like all the rest of us do… “Cold, cold, go away, so I can get outside and play!”IMG_2151 IMG_2158 IMG_2160


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