The (slightly exaggerated) School Supply Story

9 08 2015

Five years ago I posted this and it seems appropriate to repost it today. I again have a two -year-old that I will have to drag along with us on our school supply shopping day, but now we’re shopping for three kids. I guess, according to my original post, that I still need one more child to add to this crazy mess but then I’d need something of much greater value to mortgage than our 115 year old house in order to afford all their school supplies (not to mention feed them!). And sanity-wise I’m way past my limit so I’ll have to use that 5th pencil box for something else…(see the original post for more details and…enjoy!)


Lists in hand, the girls and I walked into Target yesterday with Luke safely buckled in the cart.  It was the last week of July, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting such an early jump on the school supply shopping.  I whistled while I walked and the girls skipped along happily, ready to start checking off supplies as we found them.

Upon entering the school supply section, I did a double-take. It was a mad-house!  Moms pushing and shoving, kids screaming, many bins of coveted supplies empty.  I rechecked the date on my cell phone wondering if it was really the middle of August.

No matter now.  I rolled up both sleeves and we began our quest to get all the needed supplies. First off, I realized we were not even in the right section, as we were supposed to purchase baby wipes, clorox wipes, boxes…

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First day of 7th, 5th, and 1st Grade

20 08 2014

I dropped Luke off for his first day of school today, two days after his sisters starting. I had thought it would be nice to have my kids get back into a routine and nice for me to have a little more quiet and to not have so many arguments to break up. But, now (only an hour into it!) I have one lonely little baby girl, who is really missing her big siblings. It should be a good year for the three kids, though. And don’t worry, you’ll get there soon enough, Harper!luke1stday IMG_2442 sad harper2 IMG_2433

Happy Birthday to my 12-year-old Daughter!

17 08 2014


Emie party

Emie party2

Emie party3


Rocks and Dirt

11 08 2014

Lily is my rock-collector and Luke is my dirt-digger. The two of them are training their baby sister well! So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when yesterday after church, still in her dress, Harper begged to go outside so she could search for more rocks for her collection. I did have to put my foot down when she took off for the dirt, though! Harperdirt Harperdirt2 Harper dress1 Harperdress3Harperdress2

Summer Vacation- 2014

15 07 2014

Last week our family was able to get away- and though we didn’t travel far, we had a great time of fun and refreshing. We spent the first half of our week in Okoboji with Kellie and Dustin and their kids. We swam in the lake, we talked, we shopped, we talked, we ate, we talked, we played games, and we talked some more. I remember my mom asking Kellie and me years ago if we had run out of things to talk about yet. And it still hasn’t happened!!

Then our family took off from there to spend the second half of the week in Sioux Falls where we enjoyed Falls park, swimming at the hotel water park and jumping at a Sky Zone. We didn’t want our fun to end, but as soon as we arrived back home, my sister and her family had arrived from Washington State for the week. So the fun continues…!photo-37photo-35 photo-34


Arnold’s Perk Coffee Shop, formally known as Funky Java-Doug and my first coffee shop experience the summer we met!


The BFFs


SkyZone socks. Ready to jump!


Falls Park

photo-41 photo-42 photo-44 photo-47 photo-48

Happy Birthday, Harper!

3 07 2014

IMG_2306 IMG_2308 IMG_2310 IMG_2314

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up!

3 06 2014

Harper is 11 months today and at first it seemed I wasn’t going to get one of her famous smiles out of her. It was like she was saying she wasn’t too happy about getting older. Me neither, Harper! I want to keep you a baby. Of course, once I got Luke behind me doing his famous comedic moves, Harper couldn’t resist! She also couldn’t resist taking a few steps today, so I guess no matter what I do, I can’t slow her down!IMG_2264 IMG_2273