The (slightly exaggerated) School Supply Story

29 07 2010

Lists in hand, the girls and I walked into Target yesterday with Luke safely buckled in the cart.  It was the last week of July, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting such an early jump on the school supply shopping.  I whistled while I walked and the girls skipped along happily, ready to start checking off supplies as we found them.

Upon entering the school supply section, I did a double-take. It was a mad-house!  Moms pushing and shoving, kids screaming, many bins of coveted supplies empty.  I rechecked the date on my cell phone wondering if it was really the middle of August.

No matter now.  I rolled up both sleeves and we began our quest to get all the needed supplies. First off, I realized we were not even in the right section, as we were supposed to purchase baby wipes, clorox wipes, boxes of tissue, garbage bags, paper towels… After making our way to the appropriate aisles, we returned once again to get the good stuff: paper, pencils, folders.  If only it were this simple.

After getting loose-leaf paper, notebooks, folders, folder tabs(?!), pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, dry-erase markers, erasers, pencil-grips! (just following what the list says), scissors, flashcards!, a US map!, etc. I saw that each girl needed a ruler and I quote (one that does not bend, nor break).  Okay, let the tests begin.After bending several rulers, I finally found one that seemed pretty solid.  I tried bending it, whacking it on the cart, throwing it on the floor, jumping up and down on it several times and finally the real test-handing it over to my 2 year old.  It stood the tests well, so two went in the already overflowing cart.  Finally we were down to one last item.  A pencil box that can fit a ruler (the unbreakable one!) and that is narrow. (hmm…) After searching the entire Target store, we realized that we’d have to travel elsewhere for this.

First, to the check-out line, though… it was quite the workout with all three kids and I pushing the extremely heavy, overflowing cart.  When we finally made it, the girl at the counter looked at me with sympathy as we began the 30 minute process of unloading our cart.  When all was scanned,  I reluctantly handed over my Target card, knowing when the bill came I’d have to take out a 2nd mortgage on our home.

Three hours later and 4 more stores later…we finally came across a sort of plastic shoebox type of thing that (hurray!) could fit a ruler (with a little jamming- thus, the probable reason for being non-breakable).  The only problem is that it came in a pack of 5!  No matter, though, we’ll save one for Luke in a few years and then just have to have 2 more kids so as to not let them go to waste. I proudly arrived home with our set of 5 plastic shoebox/pencil boxes, only to discover that the lids did not snap in place.  No big deal, I told the girls, we can always use a rubber band to secure them or better yet, let’s super glue them shut. Then there will be absolutely no way the ruler could ever fall out and potentially break!




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30 07 2010

That is hilarious! What a great storyteller you are! I can totally relate. Every year we usually have to go to at least 3 stores just to get everything on the list for school! Glad you eventually found what you needed!

30 07 2010
Linda Friesenborg

Jaime you are quite the writer!! Maybe you should find a place (Like a letter to the editor) to send the letter other than your blog. I bet you could make some money on your writings. (Help you pay for those school supplies! I do think that your school goes a bit overboard on supplies for the school year. I hope they last the whole year. We would have families here in BC that couldn’t afford all that. Love, MOM

30 07 2010
Linda Friesenborg

Jaime I should say that could afford NOT couldn’t afford. MOM

30 07 2010

I think you did mean what your originally said…couldn’t afford! And I agree!!! I think maybe these supplies will last not only the whole year, but until they graduate from high school!

5 08 2010

Laughing hyster at your antics — you ARE a great storyteller and you SHOULD be sending some writings into a magazine or something. Very talented! I’m sure you were NOT exaggerating 😉 Way to be a great mom!

19 08 2010
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27 07 2011
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8 08 2015
Debbie Moody Whittie

Jaime – I read this blog at least once a year….and every time I laugh out loud. You have a beautiful family Deb Whittie (Jen’s mom)

9 08 2015

I forgot about this post! Maybe it’s time to repost it!! Thanks for reading!

9 08 2015

Reblogged this on foralittlewhile and commented:

Five years ago I posted this and it seems appropriate to repost it today. I again have a two -year-old that I will have to drag along with us on our school supply shopping day, but now we’re shopping for three kids. I guess, according to my original post, that I still need one more child to add to this crazy mess but then I’d need something of much greater value to mortgage than our 115 year old house in order to afford all their school supplies (not to mention feed them!). And sanity-wise I’m way past my limit so I’ll have to use that 5th pencil box for something else…(see the original post for more details and…enjoy!)

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