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Updated family photo-December 2013

Welcome to “for a little while.”  I hope that you’ll stop and read  for a little while.  I started this blog to share a little of myself and to share updates on our family.  I am a stay-at-home mom and a pastor’s wife.  My husband and I have four beautiful children that God has given us to raise- Emilia (Emie), Lily, Luke and Harper.  We also have one child that we lost in a miscarriage and will meet someday in heaven.  Life is busy with all that goes on at home and church, but we try to live every day to the fullest since it really is just a little while that we have here on earth.

I’ve loved the book of 1 Peter ever since I studied it and memorized it about fourteen or fifteen years ago with two good friends from college.  Well, I can’t quote much of it anymore, but chapter 1 has always stuck with me and especially verse 6. “In this (our salvation and our inheritance kept in heaven for us) you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.”  You might ask why I love a verse that says I may suffer grief in all kinds of trials.  Because it gives me great hope that it will only last a little while!  And even if this entire life here on earth is hard, in light of eternity it will be such a little while!  I need this encouragement especially in this stage of motherhood…of course there are many, many more joys than griefs, but whatever may come I am reminded that this journey through motherhood and through life here on earth is so short that I want to enjoy it and persevere through it toward something much greater.  And hopefully, I can spread a little encouragement to you along the way through this blog.  Enjoy!

December 2009


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26 03 2009
Emily Meyer

Hi! from a long time ago! Joab and I are doing well in Shanghai China. Thanks for your blog! What a blessing your family is!

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